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Deuteronomy 12.4-7 – Part 2

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This is part two of a two part Essay.

For this Torah Portion, I discuss that Israel was not permitted to have multiple worship centers, but to have one worship center where Jehovah established habitation.

I also discuss that the Tabernacle seems to have been located in different locations, but ultimately the worship center came to be in the city of David.

Here is the discussion: Deuteronomy 12.4-7 – Part 2.


Deuteronomy 5.17b [5.18]

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For this Torah Portion, I look at Deuteronomy 5.17b [5.18] and Exodus 20.13b [20.14], the seventh of the Ten.

I mention that the seventh does not contain a grammatical shift from the first person to the third person.

I mention that the seventh of the Ten has some grammatical differences in the Hebrew between Deuteronomy and Exodus.

I mention that because the seventh does not have any inline commentary defining the term adultery, the seventh is similar to the sixth, in that much commentary about the seventh has been passed down through the centuries.

I discuss what I believe is the intent and application of the seventh of the Ten.

Here is the discussion: Deuteronomy 5.17b [5.18].


Deuteronomy 4.1-2

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For this Torah Portion, I look specifically at Deuteronomy 4.1-2.

In this essay, I will discuss that Moses was an instructor of Israel and that Israel was the instructed. In this discussion, I will reveal that was what Israel wanted, but that arrangement led to difficulties between the instructor and the instructed.

I will discuss the concept of the new covenant prophecy and that the arrangement of instruction is prophesied to change.

I will discuss that God instructed Israel through Moses not to add to or take away from the Torah. I will discuss some aspects of Jesus and his teachings in light of that commandment from Torah as it relates to one of Jesus statements about Torah and the Prophets.

Here is the discussion: Deuteronomy 4.1-2.


Acts 22.1-3 – Addendum: Rabbis Hillel, Shammai, Gamaliel, Saul/Paul


Acts 15.5, 9, 11, 19-21, 21.20-25 – Jewish and Gentile Accountability to the Torah


Acts 2.1, 5, 11, 17.1-3, 18.24-28 – Disciples used Torah, Prophets, Tanakh, to preach Jesus/Yeshua


Luke 24.27, 44 – Jesus/Yeshua, Law, Prophets, Psalms/Writings, Tanakh aka the Scriptures

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