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Faith and Conviction began as a classroom bulletin when Raymond Harris attended Bible School. After his graduation, his personal website hosted Faith and Conviction. But, as of December 2011, Faith and Conviction became its own.

These Goals developed over years of research that Administrator, Raymond Harris has given to investigating the New Testament Scriptures, and his discussions with those in direct association with Faith and Conviction. The New Testament holds profound truths that shaped the First-Century Church and should continue to influence the Modern Church.

God certainly welcomed Gentiles into the New Covenant, making Jews and Gentiles co-equal heirs unto salvation through Jesus, the Messiah. Additionally, the New Testament certainly teaches that there is neither Jew nor Gentile, but one new person in Messiah.1 Yet, it seems tragic that portions of the church have grown unfamiliar with her Origination Point, and the richness of heritage that belongs to her betrothed, the Jewish Messiah Yeshua (Jesus).

Knowing that, Faith and Conviction has determined Three Goals. These goals help reconnect the Modern Church with the First-Century Church; and help modern disciples understand the lives, the practices, and the faith of the ancient disciples.

The Three Goals:
One – Building Greater Faith and Deeper Conviction;
Two – Establishing and Understanding the Biblical Setting;
Three – Encouraging and Maturing the One New Person in Messiah.

Building Greater Faith and Deeper Conviction
Life is full of trials to our faith, and full of threats to our conviction that God is the originator and definer of True Truth. Theses various trials and threats require an ever increasing faith and ever increasing conviction.

Sometimes, we witness others endure tremendous hurdles, thinking those individuals are amazing and wonder how they overcome. They overcome because victory is in Jesus, yet victory is theirs because they had the amount of faith and amount of conviction necessary to face those trials and threats.

Each trial and each threat is unique, and requires a unique amount of faith and conviction. Building Greater Faith and Deeper Conviction enables and empowers individual believers to walk humbly before the Almighty, yet confidently engage life.

Establishing and Understanding the Biblical Setting
God blessed believers with sacred information found in the pages of the Scriptures. Yet, the Church is both, at the same time, Modern and Ancient, but the Modern Church is not the Ancient, and the Ancient is not the Modern.

Think of this goal like investigating family history. The son is his father, but the father is his son; and the same works for the ladies. The children are also both their mother and father, yet different. True, learning about parents can disturb a child, yet with maturation comes appreciation.

The same holds true for the church. We, the church, are modern, yet our ancestry has beauty and scars; it has history. Learning where the First-Century Church began, how she was born, the culture that she came from all give modern disciples the ability to reflect and consider the value of our past. Learning that original church provides answers and guidance to our faith and our conviction.

Encouraging and Maturing the One New Person in Messiah
Worship. Church. Praise. Life.

Worship – the time of bringing God our best. Church – the time we seek God’s will, his purpose for us. Praise – the time we give the fruit of our lips, our sacrifices of praise and thanksgiving to God, our Creator and Deliverer. Life – everything that seems to happen outside of Worship, Church, and Praise.

Worship, Church, and Praise are simply the beginning, and a rest-stop along the road.

There is more to being a disciple; there is more to following Messiah. Discipleship requires maturation. Maturation comes from being disciplined, disciplined in heart, soul, mind and strength. With maturation comes great stability in God through Messiah. Maturation brings contentment of self. With maturation comes the ability to have peace with others. Maturation gives the ability to have victory over the adversary.

Wanting more, we seek maturation of the One New Person, for Life, for victory – every day; for living boldly like the Apostles and disciples of the First-Century.

What Faith and Conviction Is
Faith and Conviction is a place where we examine truth – spiritual truth. We seek, as best as possible, the original intended truth, unbiased by unintended tradition and unintended interpretation given throughout the centuries. We want to take our understanding of that truth, always refine it, and then focus on social truth, governmental truth, and cultural truth under the lens of spiritual truth.

Faith and Conviction is a place where we examine the Scriptures, based upon the Hebrew, Israelite and Jewish Contexts of the Scriptures. This is done by looking into:
   the historical information surrounding the Scriptures;
   the social atmosphere of the different periods of Biblical history;
   the different types of literature that the Bible contains;
   the theology of the Hebrews/Israelites/Jews;
   the religious practices and traditions that influenced those people; and
   the reality that the Church was born within Israel and is betrothed to the Jewish Messiah Yeshua (Jesus).

As identified in Faith and Conviction Audience, we want to set aside ecclesiastical arguments, in order to be conversant with well-educated individuals, and to talk with every day disciples; because we, all, desire additional biblical knowledge for greater faith and deeper conviction. As such, we publish research and information in various formats, from articles to video.

What Faith and Conviction Is Not
As identified in Faith and Conviction Audience, we are not about arguing ecclesiastical methods based upon ecclesiastical translations. As such, this website is not currently open for interactive ecclesiastical rebuttal. While many popular websites interact with their readership in such fashion, it appears that even with the most co-operative websites, interactive behavior seems to boil over into unprofitable dialogue. As such, if a reader believes that Faith and Conviction or one of the contributors is in error, or if a reader believes that this website needs to be rebuffed, permission is hereby given for readers to cite, refer, and/or quote (in-part or in-full) our information within your publishing.

We ask for God to permit us to meet these objectives.

Blessings and Shalom

Faith and Conviction

Updated: June 23, 2012

1. One new person in Messiah, Ephesians 2.11-22; Galatians 3.26-29; Colossians 3.10-11.